From the recording Carol's For A Cure Vol. 23

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By Leroy Anderson
Musical Direction by Darryl Archibald and Mat Eisenstein
Musical Arrangement and Orchestration by Darryl Archibald and Mat Eisenstein
Music Coordinator Kristy Norter
Music Assistant Tan Onwimon
Engineered and Mixed by Andros Rodriguez

Vocals -
Ashley Elizabeth Hale
Devon Hadsell
Angie Schworer
TyNia René Brandon
Raena White
Joby Horrigan
Christine Evans
Meredith Benson
Nicole Suazo
KJ Hippensteel
Jaymes Hodges
Leon Mossen
Louis Igoe
Jonathan Duvelson
Julius Williams
Matt Lutz

Trumpet 1 - Liesl Whitaker
Trumpet 2 - Max Darché
Tenor Trombone - Nick Grinder
Bass Trombone - Reginald Chapman
Alto Sax 1 - Kristy Norter
Alto Sax 2 - Michael Thomas
Tenor Sax - Noelle Rueschman
Baritone Sax - Mark Thrasher

Concert Master, Violin - Melissa Tong
Violins - Katie von Braun, Claudia Chopek, Danielle Giulini, Joel Lambdin, and Mary Rowell

Piano - Mat Eisenstein
Guitar - Brian Koonin
Bass - Mary Ann McSweeney
Drums - Sean McDaniel
Percussion - Bill Hayes